The OutStander Awards

The OutStander Awards are designed to spotlight outstanding, and upstanding residents in San Antonio who champion the Feel Good mission every day. There are five awards up for grabs. We encourage you to yourself or someone else today!

Nomination Categories

Person of Positivity

Life has a way of testing the strong and making them stronger. We want to hear stories of resilience, faith, optimism and overcoming challenges. We want to celebrate the unbreakable, the beacons of hope and the unrelenting rays of sunshine in the San Antonio community.

Women United Community Catalyst, United Way

We have to credit the movers and shakers who challenge us to step outside of ourselves and demand better for the San Antonio community as a whole. We are looking for advocates, volunteers and tireless contributors who fight the good fight every day and affect positive change for populations at risk .

Millennial Groundbreaker

The millennial generation continually tests the status quo and demands more out of life. This groundbreaker is making waves in their community, either through their philanthropic efforts, their entrepreneurial efforts or their active citizenship. They are the future of San Antonio, and they don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Harlequin Hometown Hero

The fearless women who aim to serve and protect collectively uphold the Feel Good Movement with their unwavering bravery, their inspiring courage and their commitment to the collective good. We want to recognize San Antonio’s first responders, military personnel and community heroes.

Cultural Champion

Local artists keep us inspired, and literacy advocates empower us to dream big. These cultural champions define what it means to live, work and play in San Antonio. We want to hear stories of those who have committed themselves to making arts and literacy programs accessible for all, ensuring that the essence of San Antonio continues to thrive, generation after generation.